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tax money for a local zoo. opponents are casting their doubts. new continues in one minute. >>> a humbolt county man this is not the humbolt county man we're talking about right now. sorry. we have the wrong image there. there we go. a man is recovering after being attacked by a shark while surfing in you're creek -- eureka. authorities say the attack happened about 12:15 this afternoon. he was bleeding and listed in fair conditions. >> two teenagers will be charged as adults in a arson and murder case appearing in court today, 16-year-old and 18-year-old did not enter pleas. they're accused of choking a woman to death, robbing her home, setting the house on fire. they face charges of arson, robbery, murder committed during a robbery. >> and city of east palo alto plans to expand use of the shot spotter system. the u.s. department of justice and the smart policing initiative awarded the city 300,000ses today improve and expand this program. shot spotter as lous torts to -- authorities i'd and east palo alto in 2009 officials say improved technology can help problem solving
owners molly who contributed to her own proposition 38 to fund public schools through an income tax increase. her brother has given $36 million to defeat her sister's rival, prop 30. governor brown's tax measure and hopes money helps win approval for prop 32 curtailing labor yun yinz influence in politics. venture capitolist spent $29 pill -- $29 kblinl for green energy projects spelled out in his proposition 39. mercury insurance founder pumped $16 million into prop 33 which changes how rates are cal tu lated. u.s. supreme court says it's okay to give unlimited amounts to ballot measures.. >> telling voters this isn't for everyone. you know? you can see this many wealthy people putting in giant sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> california common cause took a lot of money during a previous election because it couldn't get reforms through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for those ads and campaign efforts. >> to qualify takes an incredible amount of time and energy and money. that is to gather signatures needed and required by the constitution. >> money doesn't
it depends on our feature. >> in june we did not know results of the tax for two weeks. and lost by less than 1%. >> sorry, thank you very much. >> and a new poll shows public support for governor brown's tax measure remains below 50%, just five days where the election. the poll shows prop 30 has 48% support from likely voters. 38% opposed. director of the poll says there appears to be enough undecided voters to swing prop 30 to a victory on election day. coming up governor brown visit san francisco to drum up support from those still undecided on how they'll vote. >> well, there is makeup work to do for students in san francisco public schools. rourdz indicate plenty of students turned out. that is compared to raft week, middle school attendance down about 11%. grade schoolers down about three and a half percent. a chance to see history. >> it's right. >> and still to come good and bad of the california commute. why you can -- where you can find the best drivers in the nation. >> sergio romo struck a pose making a statement with the tee shirt he wore during world series celebrations yesterda
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3